Ematrix is a first-line non-laser treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars on the face and body. Using proprietary bipolar fractional RF, Ematrix has been clinically shown to improve collagen production and induce skin retraction in the skin. Many patients have benefited from the Ematrix treatment for facial rejuvenation, fine wrinkles, and acne scars. Ematrix uses sublative energy to stimulate skin renewal and induce collagen formation. 

Ematrix is an excellent treatment for acne scars, large pores, and wrinkles. Top acne scar Ematrix in Santa Monica.


Q: When do I see results with Ematrix?

A: Many patients will see an initial period of mild swelling and skin redness immediately after the Ematrix procedure. Once the swelling and redness subsides, the skin will begin to improve over the course of the next 90 days to one year. Our office usually recommends a series of Ematrix procedures as early as one month apart to achieve optimal results with acne scars.
Q: Does Ematrix hurt?
A: We make every effort to optimize your comfort during Ematrix treatment or acne scar treatment. Options that are available for decreasing discomfort include oral analgesics, topical lidocaine, anesthesia, nerve blocks, injection of lidocaine, cryospray, zimmer cryo, and ice packs. Usually, patients do quite well with topical lidocaine alone.
Q: Are there many side effects with Ematrix?
A: Ematrix is a first-line treatment for atrophic acne scars because the risk of skin injury is far less with Ematrix when compared with fractional laser and dermabrasion.
Q: What is sublation?
A: Clinicians refer to fractional RF treatments with Ematrix as sublation, because the treatments work to generate collagen within the skin without injuring the epithelium excessively.
Q: How long does Ematrix take to perform?
A: The amount of time needed during Ematrix varies by area treated. Usually, Ematrix for the full face takes about twenty to thirty minutes to perform once the skin is numbed.
Q: Can Ematrix help with chest acne scars?
A: Ematrix uses fractional bipolar RF energy to stimulate collagen production, induce skin retraction, and improve surface texture. We have used Ematrix successfully on many parts of the body, including the chest and back. Ematrix offers many advantages over fractional lasers and dermaroller treatments for acne scarring.
Q: Can a single Ematrix treatment be enough for my acne scars?
A: In our office, we recommend a multi-pronged approach to acne scar treatments that may include Ematrix, topical therapy, ablative lasers, non-ablative lasers, dermarollers, chemical peels, TCA Cross, acne scar surgery, and subcision. Ematrix usually requires multiple treatments, but there are some patients who are quite happy after one treatment only.
Q: Is Ematrix appropriate for acne scars on Asian skin? 
A: Several published studies, including a recent paper in the Jouranl of Cosmetic Laser Therapy, have shown the efficacy and safety of fractional bipolar radiofrequency treatments in Asian skin. Qin X et all showed the safety of RF in Chinese patients and several other studies have demonstrated efficacy in other Asian ethnic groups. Of note, common side effects such as PIH and eschars were noted to be less with RF treatments when compared with fractional lasers. 
Q: Am I a good candidate for Ematrix sublative rejuvenation?
A: Ematrix is widely accepted as a first-line treatment for acne scars in most skin types. In our office, we begin each Ematrix consultation with a skin examination, a question-and-answer period with Dr. Karamanoukian, and an in-depth overview of risks and benefits. Your goals for acne scar treatments are emphasized when choosing the right treatment for your acne scars. Since our clinic has several different types of acne scar therapies including ablative laser, non ablative laser, fractional laser, Fraxel, dermabrasion, chemical peels, subcision, and acne scar surgery; we can offer you a regimen that is best suited to your need.
Q: Is there a standard treatment protocol for acne scars? 
A: We will likely tailor a specific program for Ematrix based on your specific requirements. On average, patients will undergo three consecutive Ematrix treatments spaced three to six weeks apart. 
Q: Can Ematrix be performed for large pores? 
A: Published studies have demonstrated clinical efficacy in the treatment of large pores with bipolar fractional RF energy.  A study published in Dermatologic Surgery (2014 September) provided an objective evaluation of fractional RF for enlarged pores and acne scars. Results demonstrated clinical efficacy with safety in the study patients. Of note, there was significant improvement in elasticity of the skin, melanin/erythema index, and increases in the levels of procollagen Type I and procollagen Type III as well as elastin. No cases of PIH were seen. 
Ematrix RF sublation can help you achieve your cosmetic goals by stimulating collagen production in the skin. Useful for fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars.  Scheduling a consultation for Ematrix is easy, simply call our office to schedule a comprehensive consultation for Ematrix at Kare Plastic Surgery - Montana Avenue - Santa Monica, 90403

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